how we work:
development projects

Each development project usually consists of seven key steps:

Initial Meeting. The aim of this meeting is to gain better understanding of your corporate requirements and objectives and to lay down a schedule for achieving them.  

Detailed Program Proposal. The proposal responds to your identified corporate needs, showing our thorough understanding of the specific requirements and objectives of your company.

Needs Analysis. At the workplace, we will get to know your corporate culture and environment. Upon your request, we will provide a detailed written analysis of your training needs.

Program Development. Detailed development of the program.

Management Approval of the Program Content. The program content is subject to management approval. This guarantees that the content fully corresponds to the needs and objectives of your company.

Program Implementation. The program is implemented by a senior consultant specialized in the given area.

Results Evaluation. You will be informed of the program results through a detailed written assessment and personal consultation.

Further Development. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients. We offer added value in the form of follow-up consultations, activities and coaching.  

Dynartis is a training and consulting company offering hands-on solutions and measurable results to leading Czech and international companies in the following fields:

        • Training Programs
        • Consulting
        • Executive Coaching

What do we offer to our clients?

All services are provided by skilled senior consultants with long experience in the field.

All projects are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of our clients, guaranteeing 100% relevance for all participants and applicability of the skills gained in day-to-day work. Therefore, our clients do not lose their employees’ time nor spend money unnecessarily on universal development packages that do not fit their specific requirements.

All our services can be provided in Czech or English, depending on the preference of our clients.

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