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To keep pace with market requirements, which become tougher with the arrival of every new competitor, you must learn to adapt to customer needs and to exceed customer expectations. It is no longer sufficient to be good. You have to know what exactly you are good at, how to improve constantly, and above all, understand that you have to look at things through your customer’s eyes. Nowadays, if you are unable to meet your customer’s expectations, you can be replaced virtually with one click of the mouse.

Your people are the key to your success.

If you equip your employees with practical customer-oriented communication skills, you will get a team of qualified and highly-motivated people and thus a competitive advantage.

These are the main benefits that participants will obtain from the Customer-Oriented Communication training project:

  • They will understand customer needs better and quicker, thus enhancing their productivity.
  • They will improve their relationships with fellow workers by applying the Internal Customer Principle.

  • They will learn to approach issues positively and to take responsibility for tackling them.

Your company will be perceived by the market as a customer-oriented organization, your customer’s loyalty will increase and your corporate image will be stronger.

The different versions of the Customer-Oriented Communication training programme are designed for:

  • Customer Service Department staff

  • Other staff and management, in order to apply the customer-oriented communication principle towards both external and internal customers and to enhance the corporate image

customer-oriented telephone communication

Win new customers and increase the satisfaction of your existing customers and employees

Most first contacts between customers and suppliers are made on the phone. Your customers want to hear about your services and products and see whether your approach is professional. But what if there is an unhelpful employee with a grumpy voice at the other end of the line?

Will the customer think that this is the usual way your company addresses its clients and their needs and call a competitor offering professional treatment from the very beginning? Research of customer behaviour shows that such a response is becoming more and more common when services and products are abundant.

Do not lose business and increase loyalty of your existing customers by providing your staff with the communication tools needed to deal with telephone calls in a highly professional way. Your staff will experience more satisfaction and lower stress levels as they learn how to deal with all types of customers.

Prezentation skills

Do you want your presentations to be convincing, easy to remember and motivating?

In a highly competitive environment, excellent presentation skills are the secret of successful managers and the key to your personal success and professional image of the company you work for.

Virtually all kinds of business transactions require certain presentation skills. In fact, you give a presentation whenever you explain the standard office operation to a new colleague, report from meetings to your fellow workers or inform Board members about the development of a new service.

 The Presentation Skills Training will help you:

  • Be more confident when opening and giving presentations.

  • Improve the persuasive power and clarity of your presentationsí.

  • Make your negotiations more successful.

In return for the resources invested, your company will benefit from a higher productivity of company meetings and negotiations, greater efficiency of internal and external communication and improved corporate culture and professional image.

media communication

Convey effectively your organization´s key messages

It takes more than a good speech or press release to effectively convey an organization's key messages. Whether the opportunity is a shareholders' presentation or a TV interview, it is vital that spokespersons are prepared with the necessary skills and techniques to be able to effectively communicate with the public.

Changing media environment, the World Wide Web & Internet and the rising expectations of the public are raising the demands put on company spokespeople and managers dealing with the media. Every organization needs to understand and master these changes to ensure that they are effectively conveying the impression and message that supports their strategic objectives.

We offer clients a range of communication training seminars designed around their specific needs:

  • Media Interviews

  • Press Conferences

  • Message Development

  • Strategic Communication

managerial communication skills

Build your success on high quality communication skillsí

Due to new technologies at the workplace, the number of people we communicate with is growing while the time to build relationships is getting shorter. The importance of efficient communication skills is increasing as they help avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

A manager should involve, motivate and inspire staff members. On the other hand, the employees should carry out their tasks in compliance with their job descriptions. Both parties understand what their responsibilities are. So why does it not work? Why are we not more efficient?

Most often, the reason lies in poor communication skills. However, communication skills are not inborn like, for example, temperament. They can be developed and improved, with considerable positive impact on the working and private life of the person in question.

This training programme will not only enhance your crucial management communication skills needed in day-to-day communication with your staff and business partners. It will also help you master even the most challenging communication situations.

The training program will help you:

  • Identify you communication style.

  • Find out how your communication style influences your relationships at work and how you can avoid unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings.

  • Become more confident when giving and receiving feedback.

  • Improve the efficiency and quality of your communication with people you were not able to get along with.

Manager as a coach

Why coaching?

What will you receive in return for the time and energy invested in coaching?

Successful managers know that the performance and motivation of their team members is directly linked to the quality of their working relationship. They realize that promoting professional development of their staff and getting them involved in the decision-making processes are the key to success.

In many companies, managers only relate coaching to increasing performance. However, research shows that such an attitude to coaching brings only temporary results and does not improve staff satisfaction.

iPeople are motivated to work harder if they feel their work is rewarding. Managers who create conditions enhancing efficiency and enjoyment of work find out that people are more committed and motivated to continuously improve their skills.

The Manager as a Coach training program helps managers:

  • Create and promote an open communication environment

  • Enhance creative thinking, flexibility and adaptability of their team members

  • Use and develop human potential efficiently

  • Increase the productivity of their team members

Manager and a leader

Develop your leadership and management skills 

Successful companies require their executives to be both good managers and leaders – visionaries able to handle change, create a vision and convince their team about it, and create conditions for a long-term growth. Leaders must be able to conceive a vision and also have the skills needed to manage its implementation.

The training programme helps managers build high-performance teams by developing five key methods influencing the performance of individuals: mission, objectives, feedback, reward and support.

The Manager and Leader training program helps managers:

  • Define objectives to support people’s motivation

  • Gain support for the vision and strategy conceived

  • Create working conditions which promote responsibility sharing

  • Give constructive and motivating feedback

  • Appreciate and reward team members for their achievements


sales staff development programs

sales skills

Building long-term partnerships with customers

Typical features of today’s business environment:

  • Well-informed customers

  • Increasing price pressures

  • Rising customer expectations

  • Decreasing customer loyalty

There is only one way to respond to the increasingly challenging sales environment: a successful process of building and maintaining long-term customer relationships based on a win-win approach. Offering your customers a business relationship based on partnership brings added value compared to your competitors.

In the end, the sales person becomes a reliable business partner offering higher value than your competitors. This is the way to respond to decreasing loyalty and increasing price pressures on the market.

The Sales Person as a Consultant – Building a Long-term Partnership with Customers training programme will help your company:

  • Get more business

  • Develop long-term relationships with your customers

  • Enhance customer loyalty

  • Improve the competence and motivation of your sales team

  • Reduce fluctuation of sales people

  • Strengthen corporate culture and improve professional corporate image

telephone selling

Increase the number of deals closed over the phone

How will your company benefit from a competent and motivated team of telephone sales people? The number of deals closed will increase while long-term relationships with customers will be established.

Given its specific features, telephone selling is even more challenging than personal selling. The respective modules of the Sales Person as a Consultant – Specific Features of Telephone Selling training programme, tailored to the specific needs of your company’s sales strategy, will provide your staff with all the skills needed to sell efficiently while taking into account the challenges of telephone communication.

The training program focuses on the conditions under which selling calls take place – how to gain a high concentration ability, how to stimulate team atmosphere, how to achieve positive approach to selling and how to master the right skills needed for successful selling.


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